Brutal Pico Race is a fast and raw futurist racing game on Pico8 by yourykiki (The lurking engine)

Choose one ship out of three class, choose a track and try to finish first ! You can also challenge a friend, alone or with AI, in split-screen mode !

Brutal Pico Race features :

  • Single player or two players in splitscreen
  • 3 class of ships -heavy -normal -light with different speed curve
  • 3 tracks
  • 3 AI levels

Controls - keyboard or gamepad :


Use arrows to choose your ship / track / AI level
Z/C/N to start

When 2 players is selected, the second player can choose his own ship directly with S/F


  • Player 1 
    • steering : arrow LEFT, arrow RIGHT
    • accelerate Z/C/N, break V/X/M
    • boost arrow UP
  • Player 2
    • steering : S, F
    • accelerate TAB/Z, brake Q
    • boost E
  • After race
    • up/down the chase other ships

As the pico8 cartridge has some tokens free, I'll try to add some feature.

Great thanks to the pico 8 community (Zep, @p01, @FSouchu, @Felice_Enellen, Morgan...), all the followers who help me on the project ! And many thanks to my wife and children for the playtests and ships/tracks contribution !

If you like this game, don't hesitate to support it ! This will help me doing more ;)


1.0 :

  • Initial version

1.0.1 :

  • first public
  • Changed rasterizer for @p01

1.0.2 :

  • Increase difficulty
  • 3 kinds of bots
  • Better end screen
  • Changing camera after race
  • Other ship progress on left
  • Cooldown for ships collision damage
  • Changing track loader, room for 3 new tracks
  • Better boost visual fx
  • Fix boost sound fx in splitscreen
  • Change morgan3d heapsort with triplefox's shellsort

To come :

  • 3 more tracks
  • Time board
  • what you thinks is important and I have room to add
  • death when hp<0 ? for the moment, it just affects the boost load and cooldown
  • 2 chans music when playing ?

Published 11 days ago
Made withPICO-8
TagsLocal multiplayer, PICO-8, Retro
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Gamepad (any)
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 2


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It's nearly impossible to catch up to the enemies, at least for me.

Even with the boost (up key) ? Or sliding on the half-pipe ? Avoid collision or take the 2 lasts ships to maximize acceleration

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hey nice work! impressive pico game!

Thanks :)


Made a video


Ahah, great video ! I confirm that you can die in this version, the "HP" only affect the boost frequency. The idea of going faster when you are close to 0 HP is cool, I should have think about it !


Not a bad 15-20 minute

Since enemies steer differently it would be nice to see if they drop hazards onto the tracks

Hello, that's a good idea but I have no more token left and I can't add such a feature on pico8. If I plan to port the game on a real platform, I surely bring that feature to the port :)



Oh in order to add features to PICO8 one has to install additional $$$ implements?

No no, the game is made with Pico8 virtual console. This system has a lot a restriction, 128x128 pixels, 4 audio channels, 16 colours... and 8192 "Tokens" to simulate program memory. One of the challenge when programming on this system is to make a maximum of feature fit in those 8192 tokens. When hitting the limit, the only way to add feature is to optimize the ones that already exists. At a moment optimization also hit a limit and you have the best that pico8 can offer :)

The other way to go further is to port the game on a real platform where there is no such limit, such as unity or anything else. But that is another story

Oh very interesting the constraints. In that sense it's like a NES of some sorts. Is Pico-8 written in Lua?

pico8 expose LUA so it is very accessible. You have a kind of NES or SNES, with a little studio for sprite,map,sound fix and music. One big advantage is that you focus directly on the game and you don't lose time in details 😃 


I love this game! Great work!

Thanks a lot, I prepare a new release in the week-end, a bit more difficult, opponents with different behaviour, a kind of "minimap", end race screen more interesting with possibility to see where are the bots. Stay tune !


Played your game on my series, Indie Game Roundup. Very promising so far!

Cool video, thanks :)



Thanks for the video :)


Hey! Played a buncha of this on my channel. I was no good, but I did have fun. :P

Thanks ! I'm happy you had fun 😊


Really enjoyable game to play! I was impressed by the number of options available in player count, difficulty, and different courses and ships. With the hardest difficulty, the game gives a tough challenge. The graphics are really good work too - the overall look is very low-resolution retro, but for the precise gameplay, the tracks seems to be made with polygons, if I saw right. Only thing I really miss is music during the race, not that it's a big problem, you can play your own.

We'd love to see this game in our contest ,the Game Development World Championship!

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Thanks a lot !

For the contest, if I didn't make a mistake, it is done !

A new release is coming in the week, with some improvements :)


Alright, that sounds great then!